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Every day I am shocked that people expect me to simply trust the cloud

"If something is free, that just means you're the product", I say, squinting mistrustfully at the Sun

OPINION: In a better world, we could just admit that big corporations are often inefficient and corrupt — Seth Abramson

all of my posts are a personal attack on you

May God grant me the confidence of a large language model.

OPINION: It's an insult to suggest that Raspberry Pi is the first "main character" of the Fediverse, that honour belongs squarely to Eugen Rochko — Wil Wheaton

👾 it's *always* corporations who benefit most from copyright and intellectual property laws, and they always socially maneuver artists who don't benefit from it at all to support and demand stronger IP laws

*shuts down laptop*
I think that's enough internet for today

*picks up phone*
Let's see what the pocket sized internet is doing

in solidarity with the strike, i will continue my daily tradition of not reading the new york times

good on the dev(s) of Plymouth for designing it to not get in the way of the boot process when it fails

Glas Hanging lamp, 1930s. Astor Galleries, USA.

I'm starting to think larger record labels contractually forbid artists from acknowledging their Bandcamp accounts

@sadie @thatonecalculator create a giant list of actual Nazis, throw some innocent people you otherwise don't care for. the perfect crime.

:boost_requested: #fediblock toxicity, manipulation and preying on unknowing instance admins

#fediblock – for those of you who don’t know, they made an organization called UFOI and tricked instance admins like me into joining, while hiding manipulative subclauses far down in their TOS. THIS is their leader.

In those comments he’s literally saying that his goal is “brand recognition” for mastodon, so that people are more likely to sign up for mastodon instances over other different-looking federated instances

It’s literally the shit I talked about in that blog post, he’s actively trying to make people think the Fediverse is just mastodon and create growth at all costs

He’s also talking about servers “cooperating or competing” which holy fuck, no, Fediverse instances aren’t competing, no instance loses anything from someone choosing to use another instance

In a year he’ll probably remove that “g” from “gGmbH” and turn all the community work that went into this over all the years into his personal business in hope of making millions..

Qoto should just give it up already lmao


some cops dragging a skeleton away

Never talk to cop's
there vocabulary is to small
their not going to understand you

@FuchsiaShock reminds me of this gem:

Like I was expecting a disaster but holy shit that took like maybe a day

That imploded fast LMAO